Saturday, June 11, 2011


Damarea : " Alis Volat Propriis <3 "
She flies with her own wings :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wrecked !

I was the driver of the "other" car.
The police and my mother and my father,
and plenty of people are saying that i didn't kill her.
But I know I did.

I feel so bad.
Her family must hate me.
My brother must really hate me.
Sometimes I hear his sorrowful cries every night.
I killed the only thing he ever really loved in his life.
Cameron was smart and beautiful,
she didn't deserve this.

I put my bestfriend in the hospital.
Will she ever forgive me.
In one split second, everything is upside down, and shattered.
One instant can change everything, and all of the sudden

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Essay.!

             Way back in Ancient China there was the Tang Dynasty. It was considered by many the golden age of Chinese civilization. It was founded by Li Yuan, and ran from 618-907 C.E. The Tang Dynasty was known for its art, literature, and trade.

            There are numerous styles, or scripts in which Chinese characters can be written. The first evidence of the Chinese scripts was found on tortoise shells, and animal bones. In the Tang Dynasty there was alot of poetry. No other period in history had enjoyed such a great number of poets. It contains nearly 50,000 poems by 2,200 different poets. These poems had such quality. This poetry, and writing was very much enjoyed by others.

           The government in the Tang Dynasty encouraged religion supporting Daoist/Taoist Buddhist institutor's. Tang emperors set up a strong centralized system of government. Social, and economic growth kept the Tang Dynasty together during many years of disunion. It also adapted a uniform legal system. They often updated this system. The tang code had more than five hundred articles that identified crimes, and their punishments. Such detailed laws were applied to everyone, and allowed the government to manage such a large population.

           There was a stable food supply in the Tang Dynasty. With this food supply they ate mostly boiled rice, or grain. The grain was made into porridge. But what they ate depended on where they lived. Most were able to grow their own food. The increased food supply encouraged the growth of cities.

           Ideas, and art flowed into China on the silk road, along with commercial goods during the Tang period. Tang sculptures combined the sensuality of Indian, Persian, and the strength of the Tang empire itself. There are some works of art that have Hellenistic influences. They came via Bactria in Afghanistan, and Central Asia. Some Buddhas of immense size were produced.

          There are many religions in the Tang Dynasty. They are Christianity, Muslim, Manichaeism, Taoism, and Confucianism. The dominant religion that operated among the people of the Tang Dynasty was Buddhism. It was introduced to China from Indus, because of the trade. The influence of Buddhism can be seen in a variety of aspects of social life. You see Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty with heroic sculptures of Buddhas. The painters further their religion in their paintings.

          Technology in the Tang period was built upon the precedents of the past. The mechanical gear systems of Zhang Heng, and Mas Jun helped a Tang engineer, astronomer, and mink named Yi Xing. This gave him inspiration when he invented the worlds first clockwork escapement mechanism. There were many inventions during the Tang era. These inventions consisted of the mechanical wine server, the mechanical clock, and the roofs drainage system. These inventions were very helpful in the Tang Dynasty.

         The Social Structure in the Tang Dynasty had five different types of people. All of these people had different jobs. First on the social pyramid was the emperor, second was the aristocracy, third were the workers, then peasants, and lastly the slaves. These people have their own responsibilities. These five social classes were useful in the Tang Dynasty, because everybody had an important role.

         The Tang Dynasty was considered one of the golden ages thanks to seven characteristics. Writing, Government, Stable Food Supply, Arts, Religion, Technology, and a Social Structure. All of these characteristics had something to do with the Tang Dynasty becoming a successful civilization.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My Favorite little puppy.
My CRAZY little puppy.
I LOVE you to death.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Brings Back Memories

So I was sitting in class today, and my teacher Mrs. Benson made a statement that she was right around my age. So my momma was in this real bad car accident and she had to have alot of surgeries, cause she had so many broken bones. I remember that day perfectly.! It was in the morning of November 2009 around 7:40 when I got a phone call from my younger sister saying that our mom was in a car accident. And the bus had just pulled up and I was crying my eyes out the whole day at school. She was on her way over to our house to bring me some papers for school. Then all of the sudden a pick up truck comes and cuts of the car in front of her, and I guess hit it because that car spun around and hit her, then she ended up upside down, rammed into a pole, unconscious, and stuck in a smashed up car.  I was in the deepest depression ever. Nothing in the whole wide world could cheer me up.  I really love my mom even though we have arguments. So you couldn't even imagine what I was thinking that day. So when my teacher told me that story I had a flashback of the accident. And that made me realise that god has given me a miracle, because I still have my mom with me today, and I love her. Boy does school bring back memories. <3

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Bestfriend.!


My friend,

my companion,

through good times and bad

my friend,

my bestie,

through happy and sad,

beside me you stand,

and next to me you walk,

you're there to listen,
and always here to talk,

we fuss and we fght,

but we will always be tight,

i'll always love you bestfriend

cause we stick together through thick and thin.!